Very Useful Sites

UCSD electronic journals for physical sciences (on-campus or VPN for access)

UCSD libraries hours

Web of Science

Calculators and Visualization

GuHCl and Urea Calculator from Baker lab at U Washington

Vibalizer to view normal modes (from Dr. Anthony K. Grafton)

Mie Scattering Calculator from Oregon Medical Laser Center


Spectral Database from AIST (Japan)

NIST Chemistry WebBook


Protein Data Bank for all your favorite biomolecules


Inorganic Crystal Structure Database (via UCSD)


Laboratory Manual

Chemical Hygiene Plan

MSDS (On-campus)

Chemical Hazard Use Application

My Research Safety

ChemQuik for MSDS (on-campus or VPN only)

Toxicology Data Network from National Library of Medicine

General Resources


Merck Index

NIST Online Databases



Chemical Dictionary

Properties of Organic Compounds

Other Useful Publications

Dissertations and Theses

Welch 1402 vacuum pump repair guide

US Patents

Directory of Graduate Research

American Chemical Society main web site

C&E News from the ACS

Chemistry Genealogy