2009 Photos
Jon and Diana in Ventura for GRC

Diana + poster at Antimicrobial GRC

Katie presenting at WSA

Jon + poster at Antimicrobial GRC

Katie at Western Spectroscopy

2008 Photos
Sally Ride Festival, liver in H2O2

Making healthy LN2 ice cream

Kayaking in Mission Bay

ACS meeting in Philly

UCSD volleyball and BBQ

Mike and Eric relaxing

Hanging out in PB

Vinegar and baking soda balloon race

Diana and LN2

Diana and Tiff

New Jersey across the river

Enjoying the afternoon

Tim and our ringer

Jon Gable is heading to China for the summer. Have fun, Jon!

Hannah's housewarming party

2007 Photos
Group Photo

Eric loves the laser

Mmmmm margaritas...

Too many margaritas.

Tiffany presents at the SCALACS conference

Jon presents at the SCALACS conference

More margaritas...

2006 Photos

Sally Ride Festival, making ice cream

Alumnus Andrew's going-away dinner

Lab Opening Party, left to right: Dr. Kim Prather, John Oakman, Andy Ault

Andrew's piano recital

Sally Ride Festival, enjoying ice cream

Group Photo

Lab opening party